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  1. Colin helped me figure out some code that was not correct. His explanation was excellent and his foix was spot on! Many thanks!

  2. @colin.irwin Colin, thank you - your solution worked perfect. I am most grateful! 🙂
  3. Hi there, I have set my image border radius to 4px !important, however it is not working on some image corners and some images at all in my gallery grid block. The code I have used its: .sqs-gallery-block-grid img { border-radius:5px !important; } Any suggestions on how to fix this are most welcome! Thanks, Sam
  4. Hi there, Has anyone found a good 'world clock' plugin in the past? I am wanting to display office times on their respectives pages based on the city/county they are in - see attached an example of what I am wanting it to look like. Thanks, Sam
  5. Hi there, Does anyone know of code or script that can enable the images in a carousel gallery block to be swiped through with a thumb on mobile or dragged side to side when held with a mouse? Any help would be most appreciated. Many thanks, Sam,
  6. Hi there, Thank you for this - I have added in the code and it works wallah! However it seems to be effecting the whole site if i enter via https://www.studioalm.com/contact/ then click on another section from there... And then when I enter from the main url/home screen https://www.studioalm.com/ it doesn't make the studioalm.com/contact page (which is the only one I want to have a different colour, appear in pink without refreshing that particular page... Any suggestions would be most welcome! Best, Sam
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