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    gdb got a reaction from bangank36 in Date display format options   
    I'm not sure why this option is missing - surely this is a standard blogging feature? 
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    gdb got a reaction from sandih in Adding Logo to Order Email / Invoice   
    Me too - I had originally set up the logo to appear on the invoice and has been working great for a good while now. Since the last update, and the addition on the global settings, this option has disappeared/or is very hard to find?? 
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    gdb reacted to CarriePost in Adding Logo to Order Email / Invoice   
    I am using the Brine template and can not find where to edit the logo on my commerce customer order invoice (the one I can print to include with my orders). I have tried the chat feature and it keeps giving me info on my personal squarespace invoices (NOT what I'm looking for). I've searched through the forum and help, this is the only thread I could find. I have to be missing something!
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    gdb reacted to xstitchboutique in Adding Logo to Order Email / Invoice   
    I am having this same issue.  Before the update of being able to edit them all at once, I was able to change my logo for the printed order invoice.  Now, I did the global update and changed my logo for all email templates, but it did not change the invoice logo.  I cannot find where to change it anywhere... it disappeared and isn't part of the options to edit in the customer notifications area.
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    gdb reacted to osiatynska in Wells: Is there a way to replace "Prev / Next" with "Newer / Older" on the Blog Page?   
    I'm using the Wells template and I seem to be stuck with "Prev / Next," both at the bottom of a blog page with multiple posts and at the bottom of any single blog post. I want to change this to "Newer / Older" because only those terms are unambiguous in the context of a page employing reverse chronology, like a blog.
    While the use of "previous / next" (and the similar "back / forward") is common on the web, it is unclear whether the terms are meant to apply to recency of posting or sequence of posts, and different users interpret this differently. I'd like to stay away from this kind of poor ergonomics on my site.
    Note that I have no experience with coding and have selected Squarespace for the ease of working with the great templates and simple interface. Easy instructions, please!
    Here's a link to one of my blog posts in Wells featuring the unwanted "Prev / Next".
    And here's a link to a blog page in Flatiron that deploys "Newer / Older" instead.
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    gdb reacted to mop1570047754 in How can I change the speed of a Cover Page slide show?   
    Hi there,
    does anyone know how to customize the speed of the slideshow (that is how many seconds each image will be shown) which is running when I upload more than one image in the "imagery" section ?
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