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  1. thanks Derrick. I'll look at digging into more of its capabilities. 👍
  2. thank you Derrick for your reply, I appreciate it. The suggestion could work, but I would say I like how other options offer text before and after the photo offer multiple touchpoints on the creative/UX journey which this one seems to only be instance alongside it. I also enjoyed your site as well, and it has some great photos 🙂
  3. Hello, As a Squarespace account holder, I am looking to evolve my more advertising creative-showcase site to one that is more geared towards a UX portfolio/background. I saw one online that I like which would has many of the things I would look to strive for: https://shawnkelshaw.com/ Can anyone make any recommendations to what site(s) would make good matches for this one, or UX? I have some saved as possibilities, but would love perspectives from folks as well. thanks!
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