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  1. The text written that can change dynamically based on each specific page visited. Is this possible ?
  2. Hello everybody ! Is it possible let the footer changes on a specific page ? How to do this ?
  3. I have solved this issue. Maybe these two sources can be helpful: https://katescott.co/blog/customize-squarespace-form-css https://www.eleanorstones.co.uk/blog-posts/customise-squarespace-contact-form-brand-css
  4. Even how to change font in a HTML code block
  5. Yes please ! Do you know how to do that ? In the contact form there are these blocks: Text Email Number Text area Select (that function who creates a list in which the user has to select one of the items inserted) Checkbox
  6. Hi tuanphan ! In the contact form there are these blocks: Text Email Number Text area Checkbox
  7. Hi everybody ! Is it possible create a website here where you can book and pay your room ? Which blocks or third party services you suggest me to use ? Thanks in advance!
  8. Thank you very much tuanphan ! About the elements that have to use the new font, I have inserted this: h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6, a, p, div, span The only thing I didn't include yet are: buttons and contact forms. I tried many names, but unsuccessfully. How to include those too ?
  9. Hi everybody ! After inserted a custom font on a website, the system inserts automatically a CSS code, but with the warning "Syntax Error on line 1". How to solve this ? And how to activate the new font in the website ?
  10. Hi everybody ! Is it possible create a membership area where each user can login into a personal area and download documents ?
  11. Hi everybody ! How to create 2 top menu for 2 languages ?
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