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  1. That worked! Thank you! One thing I noticed is that it doesn't work when you have a video as the banner background, as I do on one of my pages. Is there a way to change the code to make it work with video backgrounds as well?
  2. A lot of the site is still in-progress at the moment, but each page will be an Index Page when I'm done, with different sections on each page. I'm a little confused about what you mean with banner images though, and it looks like part of your comment isn't there.
  3. @wiriamu, thanks for providing this code! While it did successfully make the navigation fixed, the margin adjustment isn't working. The content has shifted up behind the nav bar and changing the number from 104px to anything else has no effect. It'd also be great to add a subtle drop shadow once you start scrolling, but obviously that's not what you were going for here.
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