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  1. To summarize for those who are following this question, here is the code I added to the Advanced tab of the page settings for pages on which I wanted to hide the header, the main navigation, the pre-footer, the secondary navigation, and the social icons: <style> #mainNavigation { display: none } #preFooter { display: none } #secondaryNavigation { display: none } #header {display: none} .socialaccountlinks-v2-block {display: none} </style>
  2. I used this code, but it didn't remove the icons from that page: body#collection-5d3c8c3d8fe70300011faedb footer#footer .socialaccountlinks-v2-block { display: none; } However, using the tag of .socialaccountlinks-v2-block you provided, I entered the following code into the Advanced tab of the Page settings, and it did remove the icons: <style> .socialaccountlinks-v2-block {display: none} </style> Thanks!Julie
  3. The URL of the page I am working on is https://www.irisandlilythenovel.com/audible1 This will become a template for my landing pages. I'd like the footer but not the social icons. Thanks!Julie
  4. Success to share! The code below, added as code injection on the Advanced tab of the page settings has hidden the main navigation, footer navigation, and pre-footer only from the page to which the code was added. <style> #mainNavigation { display: none } #preFooter { display: none } #secondaryNavigation { display: none } #footer { display: none } </style> However, I still can't crack the code to hide the social icons without hiding the entire footer. I've tried #social-links, #social-icons-svg, and #sqs-social. None of those are working.
  5. I also tried all the suggestions here, and none of them worked:https://answers.squarespace.com/questions/106740/how-can-i-showhide-nav-bar-links-from-bedford-pages.html?sort=newest
  6. Given that Bedford does not offer a landing page template, and cover pages are too limiting in terms of design, I would like to create a few select pages with no header or mobile navigation, and no pre-footer or footer nav. I know this must be possible and I've read several articles, but none of the answers have worked. I've tried adding this to the CSS: .collection (insert collection id here) #navigation-top { display: none !important } I've also tried adding a style tag to hide nav elements via the advanced tab on the page settings, but nothing is helping. I know there must be way to do this so I can build a landing page template that I can use for my site, but I can't find anything that works. Any help is appreciated. Thanks! Julie
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