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  1. Site URL: http://www.thedesignemotive.com I just went to add a new post to a blog and saw that the Post Settings have had a facelift. This all seems okay until I noticed I can't seem to find a space for the actual blog post heading. I've designed my website so that blog headings are hidden, as the default prevented me some stylising main sections on my website (see attached). Is anyone experiencing the same issues?
  2. I'd want it to be a site-wide thing, applied to all image blocks when Caption Overlay on Hover is chosen.
  3. Site URL: http://www.thedesignemotive.com Hi everyone, I'm looking for some help on coding to achieve a similar look to the attached (and this website; https://thedesignfiles.net/2020/05/architecture-victorian-architecture-awards-2020/) when you hover over an image and the caption appears. The default style is incredibly ugly and want something that is simple and clean. And the ability to apply a white overlay on top when hovered would be great! Thanks so much!
  4. Site URL: http://www.simpledwelling.net/link-in-bio Hi everyone, I'm creating a 'link in bio' page on my website which will sit on the Instagram account's profile. Because Instagram is mainly viewed on mobile, I'm assuming this page will only be viewed on mobile as well. I understand Squarespace's responsiveness, but I'm wondering if it's possible to override the single-column layout on mobile and replace it with two-columns? I'd be only looking to apply it to this single page. The page will be made up of multiple single-images with the caption text below. I've attached an example. Any help would be amazing.
  5. Didn't quite achieve the look, the text section hasn't resized to the image. I appreciate it though, I don't think it's something that can be easily achieved in Squarespace. I might just play around with it and see what happens. If I wanted to apply it to certain pages, how do I begin and end the code in the page header injection?
  6. Well my website is www.thedesignemotive.com but I'm hoping for something that won't require CSS for individual collection IDs, given it'll be on (eventually) hundreds of pages, so having hundreds of individualised codes won't be practical.
  7. https://thedesignfiles.net/2020/04/architecture-the-summit/ it's down the bottom the page
  8. Hi everyone, I'm curious to know if somebody has any coding ideas to achieve a similar look as the attached? Ignoring the background colour, I guess I'm seeing if it's possible to make it so the thumbnail images align (I typically use differing image ratios and don't plan on changing this) in height, and then the metadata and heading aligns. Thanks
  9. This may not be possible but is there a piece of code that can applied which hides the latest blog post on summary blocks? I'm aiming for more page-specific coding, rather than site-wide.
  10. Hi all, I'm looking to use summary blocks to organise my website, and looking to use 'list' in some instances. On the desktop this looks great, however when I switch to mobile view the thumbnail image becomes incredibly small. Does anyone know any coding so that the image is full-width and the text is underneath when viewed on a mobile? I'd want this site-wide.
  11. I'm trying to change the font weight just for Large Paragraph in 7.1. Below is the current code I've got in my Custom CSS; –––––––––––––––– p.sqsrte-large { font-weight: 400; } –––––––––––––––– However, the weight isn't changing, and it's only when I up it to 600 does it change to reflect that weight. Am I missing something? Thanks in advance
  12. Hi everyone, Does anyone know the best practice for SEO when it comes to adding alt-text to images in a Gallery Block? Is it better to put the keywords in the Image Title or Image Description? Does the Image Description affect the SEO? What are some general good practices when it comes to SEO on Gallery blocks?
  13. I have read plenty regarding URL mapping, and I understand the very essence of it is to redirect users from a dead page. I'm wondering if there is some magical code that can help me redirect a blog post that is active/live to another URL, either internal or external? I am trying to figure a workaround for the lack of Gallery Block Summary with clickable links for 7.1, and I'm not getting far with something.
  14. I'm also a bit frustrated with the lack of a proper gallery block! My website relies on them as "custom ad spots" for future advertisers, a way that I can update the gallery with a new asset and it's updated across my entire site. I can't figure out a workaround.
  15. Hi there, I'm building a website in Squarespace 7.1 and I want to know if anyone has an answer for this. I'm looking to add a Gallery Block, and you're faced with two tabs, 'Upload Media' and 'Use Existing Gallery'. When I click on 'Use Existing Gallery', it says 'There are no collections'. How do I make a gallery collection so that it shows up when I try to add a Gallery Block? Thanks in advance
  16. Yeah, but it seems when I use Site Styles it also hides it on the Blog page, instead of just hiding it on the blog post
  17. Oh my god! So simple! What about the meta data?
  18. Site URL: http://www.thedesignemotive.com Hi everyone, I'm looking for some coding to completely hide/remove the blog title from the post? The two screenshots show it's current state, which hasn't removed it but rather just made it white. Is there some simple coding to just do away with it so everything shifts up?
  19. Site URL: https://www.thedesignemotive.com Hi everyone, On my website I have 'spots' which I want to eventually use to sell to advertisers, which are images in a gallery and inserted into my website through Gallery blocks. This way I can control the creative for my website, and there aren't any ugly Google Ads on my site. Right now I don't have any advertisers on board, so instead I'm using these spots to promote things like my YouTube channel, new articles, etc. I want to figure out how to track the number of clicks each banner and sidebar 'ad' gets, and want to keep it as in-house as possible. I know I could sign up to a service that can track the clicks, but I want to see how I could do it natively. I tried doing URL redirects, so that the image clickthrough URL is to a page like /banner-a-track-clickthrough and then I redirect that URL to the true URL.. However that involves 'killing' the initial page and I can't see it /banner-a-track-clickthrough on my Google Analytics. Does anyone have any ideas? Worst case scenario, I will consider services that can track the clicks, so if you do have recommendations, please let me know.
  20. Site URL: http://www.thedesignemotive.com Hi everyone, I am looking to slowly transfer my current website, The Design Emotive, currently built on 7.0, to 7.1. One thing I have tried to build in are sidebar and banner "adverts", and I think my current set-up in 7.0 works well. How I have done it is I have a series of separate Galleries, to keep it simple, let's call it Banner-A, Banner-B and Sidebar-A. So when I write a post, I will create a Gallery block, and link it to the Banner-A gallery, then further down insert another Gallery block linked to Banner-B and same in the sidebar. These "adverts" are used to promote my YouTube channel, a recent blog post, Patreon, etc, and the idea is someone would click on this banner and it takes them to that particular thing. Why I've done it this way is so when I have a new blog post to promote for example, I upload the new banner image to the Banner-A's gallery and it's updated across the entire site, no need to go back through each post and change them individually. However with 7.1, I can't seem to figure out how I could replicate this. The familiar 'Gallery' has been replaced, and I can't seem to link to a particular gallery through a Gallery or Summary block. Maybe there is something with Blog and using Summary blocks but a lot of the time I want the "advert" to link to an external site or another page on the website, not to go to a dedicated blog post. If you look at this page on my website, https://thedesignemotive.com/architecture-design/gallery/footscray-apartment-boardgrove-architects, you'll get an idea of how I'm using these "adverts", which was individual Galleries outside of the blog post, linked through a Gallery block. Does anyone have any ideas, workarounds, etc? The big grand idea is to eventually have these blocks available to paying advertisers, so I want to get this right.
  21. Hi there, I'm using the Basil template, and for my home page I'm using an Index with a variety of individual pages. I want to target a specific page and remove the side padding so that it is full-width for that page only. What code should I be placing in the Page Head Code Injection area? If it helps, the website is www.designemotive.media and the page I'm looking to target is the one with images and text over the top. Thanks!
  22. Hi there, I use a Squarespace email form + MailChimp to capture key data about those who sign-up to my mailing list. To take a step back, my website is an architecture publication and on the form there is a dropdown that has 'What best describes you?' with several options including; architect, builder, student, architecture lover, etc. This data helps me when I communicate with architects and potential advertisers as it tells me who my audience is. My email list is small so I've been manually tagging each contact, but I am hoping the list will grow so large that it no longer becomes viable to tag each one myself, so I'm wondering if it's possible to automate this process through MailChimp. Has anyone done something similar? Below is kind of the flow I hope for; Land on page > fill out form with email, first and last name > select 'architect' from dropdown menu > signs up to mailing list > 'architect' tag automatically applied Is this possible? For reference, my website is www.thedesignemotive.com, and the main forms are like the one underneath the video here; https://thedesignemotive.com/architecture-design/an-architects-home/jerry-wolveridge-wolveridge-architects
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