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  1. Thanks @DMK Squarespace has changed Brine code so the code above isn't working. The new code to make it work is: <script> //Where products have 0.00 price, change to FREE var products = document.querySelectorAll('.ProductItem, .ProductList-item'), i, len = products.length; for (i=0; i<len; i++) { var price = products[i].querySelector('.sqs-money-native'); if (price.textContent === '0.00') { price.parentNode.textContent = 'FREE'; } } </script>
  2. Hey guys, I'm French so I'm sorry if I'm not all clear but thanks anyway for your help. I just want to add a custom label for free products with "GRATUIT (FREE)" in it. I just run some test but it applies on every product so I'm looking for something to add in code injection like "IF price_variable IS EQUAL '0.00' THEN SHOW 'FREE' (instead of €0.00)" I hope that I'm as clear as possible. Here is a screenshot for those who don't understand.
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