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  1. Hi @Nik0723 thanks for raising this issue and glad to hear that you like this feature! We will look into the fix.
  2. The Automated Campaign feature could help solve this need. https://support.squarespace.com/hc/en-us/articles/360002077567-Sending-automated-campaigns
  3. Hi @NATS fine grained order item info such as `weight` is not exportable in this feature right now. The workaround I can think of is to export your products to CSV file and perform a spreadsheet lookup & join by shared property such as "sku" value.
  4. Hi @MarieCHCM, the fix is basically removing hardcoding messages shown in asa's screenshot
  5. Hi @marjiroy, we rolled out an improvement recently which will send a new email to the purchaser when they clicked an expired link. I believe this can help solve the problem you had. Best, Leo
  6. Hi @asa want to let you know this issue has been resolved. See below.
  7. Hi @asa and others, this is Leo from Squarespace. Want to give an update that the product team is aware of this issue and will think about some intermediate solutions before we deliver the highly requested featured discussed in this thread
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