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  1. Hi I know this is an old thread but Im working on a page and want a Show More / Show Less button as quite frankly having all the information on the page at once is a bit overwhelming. I've tried everything above by @Megalomaniac which was really great, however I've come across one problem. When I first load the new page it shows all the information AND the button in the 'Show More' state. The button is inactive. When I refresh or reload the page it works perfectly. Showing a compressed page and a functioning 'Show More' / 'Show Less' page. Surely this must be an easy fix? I've tried different browsers and cleared history etc to see if that was causing the issue but no luck. It's worth pointing out that it's not just text on my page. It has a couple of image galleries and a further 'Enquire' button. My site is www.NobleandThane.com however the page in question is hidden just now as it's a test page for a product that isn't ready to be published. Any little tweaks or fixes would be gratefully received. It feels so close!! Many thanks in advance. Jonny.
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