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  1. Dear Derricksrandomviews, Thanks for offering to help me out. However, I think I have it all solved and cleared to go with go daddy. Unfortunately, because of some preposterous checkbox I ticked when registering johnkooz.com and diysamurai.com on godaddy.com, I am unable (something with ICANN and I know what that is) to utilize those two domains - johnkooz.com and diysamurai.com - until after waiting 60 days. If things go a planned, my domains johnkooz.com and diysamurai.com will be unlocked from go daddy (I have already made the transfer in progress through Squarespace) on April 24,
  2. Hello square space community forum, John Kooz here. Working on a very superb project right now! I am currently working on publishing my six ebooks for free on my website. The top-level domain is "http:www.johnkuczmarski.com", but I need the top-level domain to be "http://www.johnkooz.com". Both demain names are mine, but the DNS I purchased through the horrible interface of go daddy (Square space is a superlative web design tool compared to godaddy.com, IMHO!), I fret I will have to deal with the godaddy.com site and their horrible interface. I appreciate any insights.
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