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  1. Option 1 did the trick. Just scaled the site down a wee bit and problem solved. You rock!
  2. Sorry I mean the images you click on to open the light box. They enlarge beyond there original size on bigger screens so they get grainy and over sized. In the original example for this post http://vancouver2017.com/speakers/#pechakuchaby brendancss his images stop growing at a certain point as you enlarge the browser. Mine just keep getting bigger. Thanks!
  3. Thanks this has been a great help. I had the same issue others did with the link simply bringing me to the top of the page and found a fix.change the step one code to this: The problem I am having is image size. How did you get your images to only go so large? The images that I am using to click on for the light box will go as big as the screen allows. I don't want them to go any larger then there original size. My page is www.wallpaperhappy.com The images I am referring to are the icons such as "full wall preview" "easy on /off"Thanks so much!
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