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  1. Oh my goodness, amazing! I couldn't work out where to add a margin or some padding but you've solved it for me. Thank you so much, you've solved a real headache!
  2. @christypriceI am using your code on 7.1 but for some reason it is cropping the top of the banner image (section 2) on mobile. I have removed all other code on the site and it's still happening. I test it on a brand new test site and it works well there but on my client's site there's weird cropping happening. Any tips?
  3. I am using 7.1 and would like to equalise the height of the My Services text on this homepage www.softskillsuccess.ie. @tuanphan any help would be much appreciated. I have not used much css for 7.1 yet
  4. Following on from this, how can I disable the thumbnail click-through on a summary block but keep the click-through from the summary text below the thumbnail? Or, even better, send the click-through from the thumbnail to an external link? Thanks, Lucy
  5. Why not add html to the confirmation email such as the following (using a scheduling link as an example) Please <a href="https:www.yourschedulinglink.com">select a time</a> that suits for me to call you to chat about getting started.
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