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  1. @tuanphan thanks so much again! I've made that change (see attached) - still no sign of a window...I am at a complete loss. Should you think of anything else at all that could be causing the block I would be most grateful.
  2. Hi @tuanphan, thanks so much for the suggestion, however, yes I have done that, both in the main settings and in the specific chat settings (see screenshots). I simply don't know what the issue is :(
  3. Dear all, I have followed all the steps I can find on how to add live Facebook chat to my website, the window simply does not display. FYI: • My domain name (3rd party) is "https". It is the only name I have added to facebook's "Whitelist" column:https://brettwalshphotography.com • as outlined in many you tube tutorials, I have pasted the plugin code provided by facebook first thing in the footer input for my website (settings > advanced > code injection). I do not know what other factors could be preventing the chat window from displaying. I would be grateful for any advise!
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