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  1. Quick view on search is not displaying results every time, I might even say "usually." What is working on my sites is turning off "quick view" (so that the user has to hit the return bar. Then I'm seeing results every time.
  2. Site Search was iffy until recently. Now it has pretty much stopped working completely on several websites. (Try it here on https://www.ourwintergreen.org/search ) But, here's a clue to what the issue is. On this same website we also have a targeted site search on one of the blogs, and it works pretty well. Try it with the word "fences" here: https://www.ourwintergreen.org/covenants/2020/1/14/understanding-wintergreens-covenants-is-easy -- UPDATED on Nov 24, 2020: Email response after chat: I can confirm that there is an issue with the Search function on our end and th
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