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  1. Are you sure you added the code to the 'Post Submit HTML' and not the 'Post Header Code Injection'?
  2. This is the best method for tracking for submissions, I can confirm it works.
  3. Something along the lines of this: YUI().use('node', function (Y) { Y.all('.product').each(function(){ if (this.one('.sold-out')) { this.one('.product-price').hide(); } }); }); Insert in Code Injection (in script tags)
  4. @odower - @webbroi is correct. Paste the script in post-submit HTML.
  5. I get the same problem as Mark (above), looks like formName has been removed from the JSON (inc. on non-lightbox forms). You can use formId instead.
  6. It looks like this would be possible using the Instagram API, but it would required a large amount of Javascript coding.
  7. All of this code goes in the Custom CSS section. You might want to try: html {font-family: 'SegoeUILight', Arial, sans-serif !important; font-weight: normal;}
  8. Your font-face code will probably work, but use this instead (Font Squirrel syntax): @font-face { font-family: 'SegoeUILight'; src: url('http://static.squarespace.com/static/50abaaf7e4b09a617638422b/t/50d21b81e4b08b028a4868cf/1355946881950/segoe-ui-light.eot?#iefix') format('embedded-opentype'), url('http://static.squarespace.com/static/50abaaf7e4b09a617638422b/t/50d21b86e4b05f4ba8bed41f/1355946886233/segoe-ui-light.ttf') format('truetype'), } Next, you'll need to specify the use of the font across your site e.g. html {font-family: 'SegoeUILight', Arial, sans-serif; f
  9. A Google search turns up http://tal.ki/ which is a basic embeddable forum.
  10. No. However you can upload the SVG code into a code block. Open the SVG in a text editor and copy everything from <svg... to </svg> (inclusive).
  11. Ah right, no, you shouldn't be getting this from the url. You need to use your browser tools to inspect the dom. There's no "Id" in the collectionId selector. I've updated the answer.
  12. Use: { background: black; } or { background: #000000; } These all mean the same thing. The # symbol is a reference to hex notation for colours, so putting #black is gibberish to a computer. There are also others ways to choose colours such as rgb, rgba and hsla (the last 2 include alpha/transparency), but hex is the standard (and what i'd advise unless you need alpha). Also, make sure the CSS selector is correct, you need to a # in front of collectionId, remove the space just after body and remove the "Id" from collectionId: body#collection-506c8e08e4b04376cb19938d {...}
  13. Check out the Google Maps Store Locator thingy: http://storelocator.googlecode.com/git/index.html
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