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  1. Hello, I appreciate the expertise of everyone in the forums and am not looking for free web design, but am hoping to grab some quick, top of the head suggestions from more experienced users. I'm building a surprise website for my wife's 50th birthday where I'll share pictures and greeting videos that family and friends are sending to me. I'm familiar with galleries and embedding YouTube videos and creating pages from my other two SS sites. But, I'm not a great designer or visual artist. Hoping for thoughts on a couple of quick questions: What template(s) might work best
  2. Thank you Paul. I was able to get old domain connected to the new site with no problem. When I try and connect the new domain to the old site, I'm getting the "This domain is already connected..." I'll get w/Customer Care. I appreciate your help getting me this far. It was much easier to think about the domain connecting to the site than vise-versa. Thanks again, Dave
  3. Morning, Thank you for the quick reply. Looks like they are both 7.0. I don't know if it complicates things, but the original domain is not registered with Squarespace. I keep it with 1and1 in order to have email. The new domain is registered w/Squarespace. Dave
  4. Hello Forum, I have an existing website with Squarespace and I just purchased an additional domain. My intent is to have separate personal and professional domains / sites. I want to copy my existing site as-is to the new domain and then redesign the existing site on the original domain. The documentation is pretty clear on how to copy the site, but I think I'm missing a step somewhere to move the copied website to the new domain. I'm sure it's out there and I'm missing it. I think I need to get the new domain on a paid plan, but I'm not sure of all of the steps to get the
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