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  1. Hey mate, I fixed it anyway - and yep; my description of my problem was definitely as clear as mud. Sorry mate.
  2. @tuanphan I am having trouble with this also. I want to hide the current post in the summary block so it doesn't replicate itself on the page. Site: https://grey-sapphire-9lfk.squarespace.com/blog Password: summary
  3. Site URL: http://www.grey-sapphire-9lfk.squarespace.com Hey folks, I am designing a site using Brine, and I have a heap of code I've injected. I've just input a carousel gallery into a page and noticed that it scrolls OVER my (coded) fixed header and can't figure out why. Summary blocks don't do it, other galleries aren't doing it and all of my efforts yesterday to amend, didn't work. Can I get some help here? www.grey-sapphire-9lfk.squarespace.com/internal-signs Password: help
  4. Hey @tuanphan! I just saw your reply to @eclemons and adjusted the code to suit! It worked a treat mate. I was close before but was a little off in my css code. Thank you SOOOOO much. Legend!
  5. Does anyone know how to display the Instagram block as 3 columns in mobile view? Our Instagram feed is reliant on 3 images being showed side by side, so when SS automatically converts it to 2 columns - it breaks the flow of it entirely. Using the Brine Template - have attempted CSS code but it appears the block natively converts to 2 columns regardless.
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