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  1. Site URL: http://www.luxcups.com/shop I am looking for the built in option to show the categories on the left hand side (like the marta template image attached). Im currently using the Brine template but I am unable to find the option in either Brine or Marta templates. Am I missing something?
  2. Hey Bakerlew! We ended up using the CrateJoy checkout option. allows more flexibility, quantity control and if youre just using them for checkout... its only 1.25% + $0.10. totally worth my peace of mind
  3. Yep. I used the calculated rates for USPS Priority Mail only. All other methods are set up with manual rates. Not ideal but it seems like this is a common issue since the Calculated Rates option only provide rates for USPS Priority, Retail Ground & Priority Express. No option for first class..... See photo for how we set ours up.
  4. This is how I set ours up. Using calculated for USPS Priority and a manual entry for USPS First class.
  5. Im not using 7.1 but this is what I was able to set up to provide First Class as an option. I am currently searching the forums for a way use the automatic calculation for First Class USPS
  6. Also not ideal, you can manually add the rates for First class shipping. See image attached. If you do this option, make sure to check your discounts/coupons.
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