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  1. @rosieames I heard from the support team for the plugin and was able to bring the click function back this way: To fix the issue, add this code to Code Injection, below the plugin code: <style>.alternative-image { z-index: auto }</style>
  2. hey @rosieames I was able to use this plugin to make the functionality of the rollover images return, but unfortunately it makes the image not clickable. I'm actually going to ask the support team that built the plugin to see if they can work out how to do that. https://www.sqspthemes.com/plugins/product-image-rollover
  3. Similar issue, but this code only sort of works on mobile. It works on chrome (sometimes) and works on mobile on Safari. I'm trying to do something similar but on desktop, not just on mobile. I tried removing the media screen portion, but the public version of my site don't reflect the difference. radius-books.squarespace.com / radius
  4. Thank you @tuanphan! The button code worked. I think I tried every variation except that 🙂 For the product gallery page, right now I have code in the site to force the site to show the alternate image, not sure if Squarespace removed the option for it, but without the code, it fades to white; Right now, my client, in addition to showing the alternate image, they want the image itself to be able to be clicked so it can go to the product page. Any of the main shop pages will work, so /new-releases, /coming-soon, etc.
  5. Site URL: https://radius-books.squarespace.com Pass: radius I've got a client site I'm working on that needs a good bit of CSS to make the overall product page work the way they want it to. Some things I'm still having issues with: -- Not sure when this happened, but thumbnails on product pages for product galleries in a slideshow format now have a weird border around them. I looked at the code and discovered the thumbnails are now a button class, which I can't figure out how to remove. My client just wants to remove it. I haven't been able to figure out how to. -- Also, I've seen it described here before but I didn't see a solid, usable answer: While there is a default option in 7.1 to show an alternate image on Product Gallery Pages, the default behavior just fades the image to white. I was able to override it with the plugin from SQSPThemes, but that in turn has made the image itself not clickable on Product Gallery pages. Only the title of the product is clickable. Anyone have a native CSS solution alternatively to the plugin?
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