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  1. I was experiencing a mobile sizing bug. Basically the smaller agenda calendar was displaying on mobile but it was WAY smaller than the example above. My web guy discovered that it was happening because of a bit of code in the HEADER code that was forcing the small agenda calendar to keep the same aspect ratio, making the width=“100%” height="650" not respond to changes. To fix the mobile size bug I had to edit the HEADER code as follows: And then I used the 2 container codes (big/small) as in @iamme123 's example above. :) I used the "month" calendar embed option for the big container with a width set to "100%" and a height of "650" like so: Then used the "agenda" calendar embed option for mobile devices with a width of "100%" and a height of "600" like so: Now if I change the hight= to say "400" it will be 400 tall. :) Thanks everyone! Hope this helps.
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