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  1. Here I am again, It seems to work on the website but not on the mobile phone. Justify is not responsive on the phone. Any tips? Thx
  2. I did it! Using this h3 { text-align: justify; text-justify: inter-word;} Just changed the p for h3.... 🙂
  3. Hi @tuanphan! Unfortunately, every code I try, in the CSS editor or in header doesn't work, it seems like I have to upgrade... I would like to justify all my texts, paragraphs I mean...
  4. Hi There! I would like to inject a code in my CSS to justify my paragraph in all my pages because the template doesn't offer that option. I tried many different codes, but non seem to work. Is it because I am on a personal plan? Or is it because I need a spacial code injection for Wells on a personal plan? Many thanks for your help! Julie
  5. I found... Need to upgrade to business plan... 😞
  6. Hi there, I have the same issue, I have 20 pages... It is still grey and impossible to enable, I tried to disable another page to see if the other one could enable and it stays grey... Let me know if you found any solutions. Cheers!
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