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  1. Thank so much! Is there a straightforward way to help visitors to the site filter the artists/posts (ie. show only painters, etc) ?
  2. Hello! I'm trying to decide if Squarespace is the best product for my project. I'm trying to create an artist directory for my town's Open Studios this year (since we're going virtual). Essentially, I want to create a page for each artist with their basic information (name, description of work, links to their website) with some photos, but each artist needs to be categorized by medium (i.e. ceramicist, painter, etc... and ideally, we should be able to choose more than one category). I'd like the homepage to have thumbnails of all the artists and the user to be able to filter by medium category (i.e. show only the ceramicists). This seems very simple and straightforward, but after poking around a bit I'm not sure exactly how I would set it up (products almost does what I'd like, but we aren't actually selling anything-- just linking to their sites-- so I don't want to include pricing information). Am I just missing something? Thanks!
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