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Posts posted by SarahAH

  1. I'd like to show the option to comment on my list/stacked view of my blog.

    But it doesn't show how many comments or likes there are unless you click on the heading and it takes you to the individual post.

    In my last template (Shift), it did show a link (comment, likes share) that you could click on, and it would take you to the individual page to post the comment. See picture below:

    Is there a way to show this?

    Thanks!alt text


  2. I'd like people to be able to click a button that opens a lightbox to sign up for my newsletter. I'm currently using the form block instead which allows a lightbox, but doesn't allow integration with Squarespace email campaigns, and I don't want to use mailchimp.

    Does anyone know of the CSS? (Or another solution?)

    Thank you!

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