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  1. The guide that Tuanphan recommended it was very useful, it is solve!!! Thanks for all.
  2. Thanks Tuanphan, I'm going to try this method to see what happens 👍
  3. Site URL: https://www.visitstykkisholmur.is/ Aloha to everyone! I go by the name of Vásquez and my partner is Baddý. This is the first time that we have the need to ask for help in the community since we have faced a great challenge and so far we have not been able to see the solution - (yet). We are finalizing with the development of our first multilanguage website, the main language for the site is English and the secondary one is Icelandic. On the main page -that is in English- everything works very well, but once we switch to the Icelandic version we need the "Branding Logo"
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