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  1. Hello I am making a website for a local community project. I would like a template that has a blog section, can host video, has a donation button / link to Paypal, has a calendar section, and can show a live feed of associated Facebook group. Could you recommend any templates that would suit this? Also Is it possible to have more than one admin who can work on the website? IE More than one person who can login either from different user name or different computer thanks for any help.
  2. Hello I want to build a site for a local community project (protecting land from development). I have used Squarespace before, so feel comfortable with the construction / graphics side of things. However this was a small personal use website so was a bit different from what i want to achieve now. The main concern is building up a mailing list, to keep people informed about updates. Do any / all plans come with a dedicated email and contact option? So if someone wants to add their name to the mailing list they could contact direct through the website. Do any / all plans co
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