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  1. Thanks Paul, Yes, that's exactly it. Targeting the italics is a great idea as I'm not using then anywhere else. Didn't know you can add snippets of css on the design section. Im adding the line { text-decoration: line-through ; } but i don't know how to target the italics, everything that I've tried so far has not worked for me. Regards Ivan
  2. Thanks for your reply Paul. Here is the page I was talking about: https://www.weddingwonders.ie/wedding-videography-prices all I want is to cross the price. Actually I think I built this page based on your help and recommendations on this forum a while ago. Thanks for that too, all your suggestions were really helpful. Kind regards Ivan
  3. Thanks tuanphan, do you know if there is another way to achieve this? I only want to cross the price of one item, and unfortunately i can only use css by upgrading package, which will increase the cost of my squarespace package by 50% a year. Just to cross one word, (no good value at all in my case) I'll provably have to reconsider squarespace .
  4. Hi, Does anyone knows how to do a line through word just like this? hello world Or any alternatives? Regards
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