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  1. Hi, Sounds like all you need to do is change the page's name. Could you share a link to your site?
  2. Hello Satori, You can store your video in a Gallery page that is not linked. Then create a regular Layout Blank Page where you can add your video as a summary block (with just 1 item per row since you only have 1 item). Here's an example done this way on Brine: https://www.borisprimerenovation.com/press Good luck!
  3. Instead of inserting the Gallery directly on your page you have to use a Summary Block. create a Gallery Page that is notlinked to the visible part of yoursite (and disable the page) upload all images and descriptions into this gallery page (enterdescriptions in the little gear iconthat appears when you hover on yourimages) In your public "film" page, remove the current gallery block hat youhave and instead insert a summaryblock. Choose a grid layout andspecify that the summary should bepulling content from the Gallery Pageyou just created. Then choose what you need to display in your summary block: Title,Metadata... More info on using summary blocks here: https://support.squarespace.com/hc/en-us/articles/206543337-Summary-Blocks Good luck!
  4. This is just until you buy them. It remains blurry in order to make sure you will not be using them (by cropping the watermark for instance). Once you purchase the license it will be crystal clear.
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