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  1. share site URL so we can see and send to you code for that.
  2. add spacer in both side in content. page. check then.
  3. i just check all ok i think in mobile. show only one logo.
  4. Add to Home > Design > Custom CSS .sqs-dynamic-text { min-width: 100%; line-height: 1em; text-align: center; }
  5. yes you can make .. in squarespace many template like that.
  6. past this code in custom css box .sqs-block-html .sqs-block-content *:not(h1):not(h2):not(h3) { word-wrap: break-word; text-align: justify !important; }
  7. share site url and which code you use for that?
  8. past this code in custom css box .has-logo-image .Mobile-bar-branding { line-height: 0; margin-left: 122px; }
  9. past this code in custom css box .min-font-set, .min-font-set~* { font-size: 11px !important; }
  10. in style > option for that. you can set logo in left side and menu in center. if not add this code in custom css box body.banner-content-page-title-description.canvas-setting-full-width.top-navigation-alignment-left .horizontal-navigation-bar nav { padding-left: 283px; padding-right: 50px; }
  11. past this code in custom css box .collection-type-gallery #slideshow { padding-bottom: 0px; }
  12. any page click on setting and check last tab. file. you can upload there. @Paul2009 this answers 7 year old :).
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