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  1. Brilliant.....thank you so so so much!!!! So quick and problem solved.
  2. Hey, thanks for your speedy reply 🙂 The page on the site I need help with is; https://greg-holland-website.squarespace.com/inspired-collection pa33word I have added the first carousel (for Glacier Series). If we can disable the product link I will add 5 more carousel down the page. Thanks heaps. Claire.
  3. This question refers to 7.1. I need to feature a carousel of images within the page content and the only way I seem to be able to achieve this is to set them up as a product. This works really well apart from each image links to a product detail page and we don't need that. Is there any way to disable the link so it can be viewed as a basic carousel of images....or maybe I need to set it up differently?? Fingers crossed someone can help! Claire.
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