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  1. Thanks so much for the speedy reply and sorry for the delay. The 'height' CSS works, however it could be problematic when it responds so I am working through this. (FYI, the content i am dealing with on this page is quite hard to get right and I've tried so many ways to make it work but nothing obvious is coming up and I'm going round and round in circles. If you can think of a different solution I'd be super grateful to hear it 😉) The second code doesn't seem to work but I'm probably misunderstanding your instructions (sorry). Just to re-cap, the original plugin is in design > custom CSS. Then I add the extra code into the specific page header. The plugin is still displayed on all other pages that feature a summary block. Also, the colour of the stripe at the top is often displaying black (instead of grey) unless i have the custom CSS tab open then you see the correct colour. Unsure what's happening there? Any help you could offer would be amazing!
  2. Hey Tuaphan, nice to hear from you. It's pa33word, you've helped me a few times with this site...thank you! 😉 I will add the code back in now until my client meeting.
  3. Site URL: https://meningitis-foundation.squarespace.com/meningitis-symptoms Hello. I ❤️ Ghost Plugins 😉 I'm using one of their summary block plugins and I wondered if someone could help me tweak the code so the height of the containers are fixed. @moovlabs, is this something you can help with? Here's a link to the plugin; https://www.ghostplugins.com/steps/5hn28gh9 I have attached a screenshot too, fingers crossed it's an easy add/fix. ALSO....is there a way to add the plugin to this specific page only rather than the whole site? Given that I am proofing this with the client at random times, I have removed the CSS as it was effecting 3 other pages visually, so if it's not showing that's why you can't see it. Cheers Claire.
  4. I gave Paul a design and he created the menu and set it all up in the back-end. He's helping me with another client now. I'm not very good at writing code (I'm a designer) so I really needed his help! I'd love to see the result when you go live 🙂
  5. Hi @brandyglows, I can absolutely recommend @paul2009 if you need a mega menu plug in, he's amazing to work with! Good luck!
  6. Brilliant....thank you so so so much, you are amazing!!!!
  7. You are soooooo clever, it worked a treat!!! Thank you for your amazing help as always 😉
  8. Hi @tuanphan, this works really well, I just have one issue. @paul2009 has developed an amazing mega menu on a couple of my projects now and there is a conflict when I add this code. The menu is pushed below the new banner strip on the blog detail pages only. Is there something that you could tweak? https://meningitis-foundation.squarespace.com/podcast-stories-blog-1/a-survivors-story-sara-dwen-nee-martin pa33word Cheers 🙂
  9. You are brilliant......!!!! That worked a treat, thank you so much for your amazing help 😉
  10. Hi @tuanphan Do you know if there is a CSS rule that reduces the height (above and below) all markdown blocks sitewide? It's a re-occurring problem that drives me nuts. Cheers Claire.
  11. Thank you so much @tuanphan, you're rescuing me again. It's the same website you've helped me with before 😉 https://meningitis-foundation.squarespace.com/personal-stories pa33word I will need to apply this to 3 different blogs. If you can give me the CSS for the first one I should (hopefully) be able to work out the rest. Thanks in advance!! Claire.
  12. Hey. Is there a way to add a banner image to the top of the blog detail page? I've been frustrated by this for so long as it makes the white gap makes the page look sterile and boring. I'd be happy if the image was repeated in the same for every blog page 😉 Here's hoping someone can offer a solution. Thanks in advance 🙂
  13. Site URL: https://meningitis-foundation.squarespace.com/podcast-stories I am hoping someone can help. I am loading podcasts for the first time and ultimately I need a single page to feature 13 podcasts. After looking around for different types of solutions there seems to be 2 solutions that I can see. https://meningitis-foundation.squarespace.com/podcast-stories pa33word Note...please ignore the long excerpts, it's there so the client can cull the content down 😉 Option 1 – Set it up using a blog Problem = This takes you to individual detail pages to listen to each podcast. If this is the only solution, is there a way to play the podcast in the initial landing page rather than on 3 separate blog pages? Option 2 – Set the page up manually and use audio blocks. This is very manual so I wondered if there was another way to listen to the podcasts all on the same page. Here's hoping some clever person can help!! Thanks in advance 😉
  14. Rookie error......i replaced it. Now both sections are in place and it looks amazing! You are soooooo helpful and very clever, thank you so much! 🙂
  15. That worked, however the larger area outside the player is still effected.
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