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  1. Could it be due to the particular theme I'm using? I'm using https://patil-demo.squarespace.com/
  2. But the images are cropping the same whether I turn the phone round or not. Squarespace (or the theme itself) seems to be cropping the images.
  3. Sites like this have portrait and landscape images and they manage to get them to all show perfectly at mobile size as well, there is no horrible cropping going on https://stevedeer.com/
  4. Is there no CSS hack to make this work? Otherwise I'm going to need to re-upload all the images as square with the corresponding background with the actual image sitting in the middle of it either horizontally or vertically.
  5. Thanks. Had a look at this but whatever I do within the Squarespace settings I can't get it to work. I end up with the heavily cropped version I've attached which is obviously useless to the user looking at the site instead of the full image.
  6. Site URL: https://fox-magnolia-xkg2.squarespace.com/ This site has some products images that are widescreen (very landscape) and also images that are very portrait (very narrow and tall). I am managing to keep this issue in check using square thumbnails for the product listings but for individual products on mobile particularly some of the images are cropping really badly whereas they need to be shown in full. Good examples of this extreme are: https://fox-magnolia-xkg2.squarespace.com/garden-birds/hungry%20brood (landsape) and https://fox-magnolia-xkg2.squarespace.com/garden-birds/spring%20willow (portrait). I have tried all the aspect ratio settings for the images but none of them solves the problems in all cases. What's the best way of solving this problem? Thanks.
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