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  1. Site URL: https://www.erikahansendesign.com/shop-online Hi all, I read that Squarespace has a simple way to hide or remove all the product prices but I can't find how to do it. Does anyone know? https://www.erikahansendesign.com/shop-online
  2. Thanks for your help @tuanphan but i'm just going to not worry about it for now - it's not really a big enough issue. Thanks anyway for all your help :)
  3. @tuanphan Thanks so much for your help - the padding worked. I have added a product for $0.01 called test product - under jewellery it's the last product - doesn't show up until you hover over it. Thank you!
  4. @rachelmaley thanks for the reply but i'd rather figure it out myself as it must be simple to do :) @Paul2009 hope you don't mind the tag - do you have any ideas why this does not work as it says in the squarespace tutorial?
  5. Thanks @tuanphan it worked on the shopping cart page. Do you know what the code is to make the banner longer as at present it's very tight under the logo - see screenshot attached...haha yes I understand you can't check it on the order confirmation page - it doesn't work - do we need to change the code where it has 'cart' to 'order confirmation' (or whatever the page is officially called)? Sorry took me so long to reply to your answer - been away disconnected from the internet. Really appreciate your help!
  6. Hi all, I need to add a banner to my shopping cart and order confirmation pages as my logo and main header is white - so you can't see it... see screenshots below. Any ideas if I can do this with some code? ...or alternatively guess I could invert the colours of the logo and header so they show up? Not sure what is easier here. Any ideas? Site is erikahansendesign.com using the Hyde template.
  7. Hi all, I am using the Hyde template. I'm trying to do two things: 1) change the file names of my images in the gallery on front page and product images (without having to re upload them all). I have tried going to the options tab in the image settings (as some have suggested) but there is no option there for 'file name' ..only an image URL link (tried changing that but doesn't make a difference to the file name). Screenshot attached. 2) Add alt-text to the gallery images on the front page. I have followed the instructions by squarespace on adding alt-text to images https://support.squarespace.com/hc/en-us/articles/206542357 but I can't get it to work at all. The text shows across the image when I write it in the Title and Description box. I want the text to be hidden, purely there as alt-text. Am I doing something wrong? screenshot attached my help to explain... Site is erikahansendesign.com incase that is helpful. Thanks all :)
  8. Haha thanks Paul. I'm the only one that's worked on the site so it was me, I just completely forgot ever doing that. Your code worked - yay! I have changed it so the NZD is after the price otherwise when it has prices 'from' it reads 'NZD from $.....' which doesn't really make sense. I changed it to 'from $.... NZD' with a little tweak to your code. Thanks so much :) body.native-currency-code-nzd .product-price:after { content: ' NZD '; }
  9. Thanks for the reply Paul. It's not a big enough issue for the time and effort it sounds like it will take. I'll just leave it or write a note in the description... All good :)
  10. Thanks @paul2009 ...do I need to turn developer mode on to do that? ...not sure where to put it.
  11. Hi all, I want to always show the currency (in this case NZD) next to the price when a variant is selected (so I don't have to write '*All prices in NZD' on every product page). At present it has 'from NZD $....' but when a variant is selected the 'NZD' is not displayed. Using the Hyde template. See images for example. Any ideas? Alternatively, if anyone knows of a free (or close to) live currency converter plugin/code that could be more effective please let me know :)
  12. Hi all, any ideas how to make one product ship to one country only while all other products ship internationally? Tagging you @Paul2009 because if anyone knows i'm sure you will :)
  13. Thanks for your thoughts @usingmyhead but still no luck unfortunately :(
  14. Hi @usingmyhead Thanks so much for your speedy response. I have tried your suggestion and have uploaded the image to Squarespace instead by following the instructions in the link... buuut it's still not working for some reason. Any ideas? ....am I right to be putting the code in this section of the "products" page" because this is the page I want the alternative logo on?
  15. Hi @usingmyhead ... thanks for the code - this is exactly what I am trying to do but can't get it working. I have uploaded my image to Flickr and pasted the url in the < urlofimagegoeshere> bit. Am I missing something? Have attached a screenshot - maybe that helps. Appreciate your time to help out. Thanks!
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