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  1. Thanks, Lu, for looking at it. Actually, all the tables have the missing ";" including the ones that work, and putting the semicolons in doesn't fix the one that doesn't work. The site is at http://madison-society.org if you think looking at it might show something. Click Renew CCW under CLASSES to go to the page. Thanks, Steve
  2. I use a Markdown Block to create a table showing whena particular class is being held. When the class is filled I switch the time column to CLOSED by moving HTML comments between two lines for that column. The Markdown code is shown in Image below. I switch between the actual time and CLOSED by moving the HTML comments (<!-- --> between the two code lines for the time column. This works fine. But for a new class I've entered, with a new time table, inserting an HTML comment around one line generates the "data-preserve" message shown in the image below. As far as I
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