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  1. So I designed my website through Squarespace and I'm pretty sure some sort of default protection was put into the code where it's harder to right-click save images on my site. Here's the thing, though: I don't really care if people repost my images. Is there a way to turn that function off and make it so images are easier to share? Here's the URL if it matters. https://www.thrillingtalesofoldvideogames.com/
  2. This is great. Thank you. Can you see a reason why there is so much extra space in that "older posts / newer posts" strip at the bottom of the blog grid, though? I've tried everything I can on the front end to trim it down and I can't figure out what's causing it. Is there a custom CSS solution?
  3. Site URL: https://www.gayestepisodeever.com/episodes Hi. I can't figure out how to change the way the space at the bottom of my blog post page looks. At the bottom of this page, I'd like to make the "older posts >"/"< newer posts" a different color and larger. Also there is a lot of dead space in this section. How can I trim that space so the last row of posts is closer to the footer?
  4. No, the problem is still a problem. If you look at the page, the audio embed is pulling text from the source, but then there is basically the same text immediately below. This page is maybe a better example: https://www.mondayafternoonmovie.com/episodes/this-house-possessed-karen-kilgariff-1 Basicaly, Squarespace seems to have changed what info embeds pull to now include text, and this has made hundreds of pages redundant.
  5. Site URL: https://www.deepcutsandsuperficialwounds.com/episodes/episode-one-lisa I have several websites on 7.0 but also one in 7.1 that all suddenly have a problem in how they display audio embeds. Previously, I'd just put in the URL of the audio I wanted to embed and it worked no problem, but now beneath the embedded audio there is text from the source file showing up as well. You can see in the link I put that's it's redundant. Is there a way to stop this? I asked Squarespace and customer service said I should talk to service hosting that audio, but because it's happening with both Libsyn and SoundCloud embeds, I think the problem is on Squarespace's end. I can redo the embeds manually to make the problem go away, but since I manage several different podcast webpages, with literally hundreds of episodes, it would be super time-consuming to fix each one. Any advice for a workaround to fix them all?
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