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  1. Site URL: https://www.koryrussellart.com So I got an email from a customer this morning that said he was not able to use his credit card on my site. I believe other people have used credit cards before (though I do also have paypal as an option). I verified with my own card that it isn't working now. Stripe still says it's connected. What could have happened?
  2. Site URL: http://www.koryrussellart.com Is there a way to duplicate and/or save my variants? I have a lot of paintings that are the same size, and it would help to be able to have those sizes available in variants.... like when you type in a tag and it finishes it. Am I missing something? Thanks, Kory
  3. Site URL: https://www.koryrussellart.com/2020/6/24/7dhevr2wsd4n2ct3bwujfb6o8efh90 I'm using the Rally template now, and, on mobile, it's pretty confusing to even figure out how to get more info on the image - like buying it. It's just a little black dot on the corner of the screen that you have to hit to see the description. Is there a way to change this for Rally? I really like everything else about the template, but I need to make it obvious how to buy the art on mobile. Thanks
  4. When I enter an address in my submission form on my home page it sends an email and goes through the whole process of double opting in, but it doesn't update the subscriber to my mail chimp account. Any ideas why that is?
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