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  1. Hello @derricksrandomviews Yes, I'm using a site-wide sliding animation through the site. Got it. I might have to forgo the animation for that to not happen. Thanks for the help!
  2. Hello @rwp Thanks again for helping out! Correct. The text shows up, then disappears, then slides up again. I actually see the issue throughout my other pages as well. Would you say this has something with the animation?
  3. Site URL: https://www.loxd.io/what-we-do Hello! I'm creating a site for a client and I'm having issue where the page loads twice before landing on the page. I'm not sure if it's the CSS code I've been using but I haven't been able to find a solution. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you! PW: loxd
  4. Site URL: https://www.loxd.io/home-page/ Hello! I'm encountering an issue when I use safari to open my website. The pages loads up and then refreshes. I'm not sure what the issue is so I'm wondering if anybody has encountered it as well or it might be something with just my website and the custom code I'm using. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks! PW: loxd
  5. @tuanphan If the transparent code doesn't work. How would you go about reducing the padding of the footer even more? I currently have the code: #footer-sections { padding-top: 10px !important; padding-bottom: 0 !important; } but would like the footer to be small black/color strip at the bottom if the transparency doesn't work. Thanks!
  6. Thank you @tuanphan for helping out! The code didn't work. Here's the link to the site. Url: https://www.loxd.io/home-page/ PW: loxd Thanks!
  7. Hello @Mandylab and @tuanphan Were you able to find a css code to make the footer transparent? I tried the code, but it didn't help. footer.sections .section-background { background: transparent !important; Any help would help! Thanks!
  8. Hello, I'm trying to do a hover image swap on the background image. I see a lot of resources for swapping images within code blocks but not for background images. I have my working code here, but so far have not been working: [data-section-id="5dadd9923707f45fc260b448"] .section-background { visibility: hidden; opacity: 0 !important; } .section-background:hover { visibility: visible; opacity: 1 !important; } Any help will be very appreciated! Thanks!
  9. @rwp Hey @rwp thanks for the reply and helping out! I think I have the two images working here: https://www.loxd.io/home-2 However, how can I have it styled where the images display as full-width banners? And have the background images only change when the hover is on the logotype? I have the desired effect here https://www.loxd.io/portfolio-2 through manipulating the portfolio layout styling, however is there a simpler way to achieve this similar look through CSS? Thanks.
  10. Site URL: https://www.loxd.io/ Hello! I need help on styling code so when I would hover a logo, a background image would reveal itself. I have a webpage set up here: https://www.loxd.io/ Thanks for the help!
  11. Site URL: https://www.loxd.io/portfolio-2 Hello! I'm looking to achieve a hover effect where once you over a logo image, a background image would reveal itself. I have the desired effect here with the big logotype in the center: https://www.loxd.io/portfolio-2 however it was only achieve by using the portfolio hover styling layout and changing the text link to a logo image via css on 7.1. I think it can be better achieved by css without the use of the portfolio hover styling layout by targeting the background image and an image file but I'm unsure how to style the code along with it being responsive to different widths. Here's a working code that I've been tweaking with no success. .background { visibility: hidden; opacity: 0; transition-duration: 1s; } .logo:hover .background { visibility: visible; opacity: 1; } Thanks for the help!
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