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  1. Anyone reach a resolution on this? I have two clients in the same predicament - any ideas on this @paul2009? Or anyone at Squarespace?
  2. Contacted Squarespace too, as this is an issue for me and my clients too. Thanks for your help as always @paul2009
  3. Hi everyone, Please can I ask a question - I am looking into a solution for my client, Mark Price Pickleball. Website URL here. - https://www.markpricepickleball.com/ He runs pickleball camps worldwide, and asking for me to set up an automated email sequence, post camp - so after someone's attended (order fulfilled) - in this sequence 2 days after / 1 week after / 2 weeks after / and 1 month after. At present, I can't find anything within Squarespace that offers this feature, and I don't want to take all the email campaigns third-party to something like Mail Chimp, as Mail Chimp doesn't have all the intuition we currently use, like emailing someone after a purchase, or after they subscribe. The only workaround I can think of - is by manually setting up a group segment of the users after each camp, but this is a bit of a faff. Can you think of anything else, or is there another solution out there available to us? Thanks in advance, Sophie
  4. Thank you @paul2009 always very helpful and speedy replies!
  5. Following this @paul2009 as I’m really keen to find a solution for my client! He’s had so many 5 star reviews then he’s had a lady leave a 2 star review (which was based on communication, but we resolved things for her behind the scenes) and she’s unable to change her review. She wants to change it from 2 to 5. What can be done? I will take your advice also and send a support request for them to look into this!
  6. Looking for this too - any ideas on Rewards / Loyalty points for customer purchases @paul2009? Any solutions would be great!
  7. Thank you @paul2009 this is super helpful.. I have asked the client what she thinks but this may well be a viable option for us. Thank you
  8. Hi there, I'm wondering if someone can help me? I'm looking for a solution for my client. She sells Discovery Boxes with Wax Melts, and wants the Customer to be able to choose multiple scents that they want included in Box size Variations of 8, 12 and 16 (Small, Medium & Large, for example). Is there a way where a customer could do add by selection, the scents that they want to include in their box, or a suitable workaround? Thank you in advance for your time. Screenshot attached. Many thanks, Sophie
  9. @TTEss I am following this as I'm looking for a similar solution. Did you have any luck?
  10. Hi there @KimVanAntwerp, I'd be interested to see a link of your website actually, if that's okay? I'm trying to find a solution for a client of mine, and this might be the way forward. Would like to see how your site looks and functions from a user's perspective, when ordering an item from the "additional info" section. Many thanks, Sophie
  11. Hi @Elis_e I'm trying to do the same for a website I'm designing. I'm interested - did you find a solution for this? Many thanks
  12. Hi @tuanphan I would like to change the Font style of this "Shopping Cart" text to another heading which appears on the site. I still would like for the "Shopping Cart" title to appear. Please may you help? Many thanks
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