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  1. Any advice for how to get the blog titles and next/previous text at the bottom of the post to show up using my custom font on this site? pw: newman https://gerbil-oriole-2sn4.squarespace.com/ Thanks!
  2. @tuanphan thank you for checking! I tried the following code, but you can see that the bar appears to be floating rather than fixed to the top of the screen...there is a gap above the nav bar/header through which you can see the content underneath as you scroll...do you have a fix for this or new code all together? Thanks again! .Header-inner { z-index: 9999; width: 100%; } .Header{ z-index: 9998; position: fixed; width: 100%; } @media screen and (max-width: 3000px) { .Index-page--has-image .Index-page-content { margin-top:104px !important; } } @media screen and (max-width: 500px
  3. Hello, can someone please help with some code that would make the navigation bar and white background sticky on scroll? https://www.hellobrella.com Thank you!
  4. Hello, hoping someone can help me with code to make the button font color black on my newsletter block here: www.totumwomen.com. Thank you!
  5. Yes! It is www.totumwomen.com. I've started underlining links manually for compliance reasons, but would like to find an automatic solution. Thank you.
  6. Hello, I haven't had success with any of the CSS I've found to create underlines for body text only on the Henson template. Any ideas? Thank you!
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