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  1. Site URL: https://wranovsky.com/products/traditional-crystal-chandeliers/ocean-crystal-chandelier Hi, we have products on our website without prices but what this does is that in the search engines the products are displayed with additional information (as in the attachments) which translates to the product being "free" and "in stock". The product is neither in stock nor for free, so did anyone find a way to disable this from displaying in the search engines? Thanks a lot!
  2. Unfortunately not. It's when you choose one of the categories in the URL, such as here: https://wranovsky.com/projects/residential-projects/category/Europe
  3. Site URL: https://wranovsky.com/projects/residential-projects Hi guys, does anybody know how to delete the name of category in the blog list? When I click on the link of a specific category, I would like to know which category I'm in only through the URL but not through the text "Posts in...".
  4. Site URL: https://wranovsky.com/ Hi, is there any way to add a tag to all products instead of adding the same tag to all products manually? So if I have 200 products where I need to add the same tag, is there any way this does not have to be done one by one manually?
  5. Site URL: https://wranovsky.com/products/traditional-crystal-chandeliers Hi, I'm looking for a way to add additional information on the Products page under the name of each product. However, I can't seem to find the ability to add anything else other than price. At the moment, for example on this page we have the name of the product: "Daisy crystal chandelier" and what I would like to display is "Daisy crystal chandelier" with "5 size versions available" text underneath. Is there any way this can be done? If not, does anybody know of a code that could be used to achieve something similar? Thanks!
  6. Hi, thank you very much for this solution, I've found this to work great for me as well apart from a single instance when I choose two variables of a product to add to cart - such as a size and a color. When two variables are chosen, suddenly the two decimals appear again. Any idea why that might be and if there's a way to solve this?
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