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  1. 1. Typing the text you will see the in this black text box. And the possibility to make the chosen text bold or italic. Italic is shown with this “/“ slash sign. 2. In the style panel you can choose three headings h1 h2 h3 and normal. This is the same with all templates. So you will have 4 different possibilities. the font it self if serif or what ever you want - can be chosen in the style panel. than you can define whether you want capitalized or normal you can give each of them a different size. Same with line hight, and character distance.
  2. As I made some website for clients - would recommend you to use the Brine template or one of this family ( see squarespace help - Brine) - it is the best and has the most features and used by the most professional designers.
  3. But if you have a gallery block or a summery - and within this blocks a grid design you can adjust the distances very detailed.
  4. No. this is not possible. Only with CSS but this will bring you different problems. The Squarespace grid has 12 columns. Keep the mobile version in mind - then the spacer will appear on top of the next image on the right...
  5. Hello from germany 🙂 I would use one of the "Brine" template family. In any case one with the most possibilities and features - (depending on your plan).
  6. (sorry for mistakes - I am German....) do you have an overlay color, perhaps? See in your > site styles > style editor....
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