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  1. Vigasan's post in How to prevent individual letters of a word from wrapping individually when scaling a website was marked as the answer   
    Right now your text is copied and pasted from a document, so instead of a space, it's using " ". You can fix this by either manually typing the text out, or you can also try highlighting all the text and try clicking REMOVE FORMATTING.
  2. Vigasan's post in login link in text block was marked as the answer   
    Yes you can, just add it like a regular link, and it'll be your website with /account/login at the end. So something like www.website.com/account/login

    Keep in mind that this will take people to your home page with the login popup open.
  3. Vigasan's post in Text not displaying in alignment was marked as the answer   
    There's no padding/margin issue from a styling perspective. That spacing is from the specific font family you're using. If you want it to fit nicely to the very left, your best bet is to use a font-family that doesn't have spacing on both sides of the letters themselves. I tried using code to change the font to another font, and the issue goes away.
  4. Vigasan's post in Not for Sale Product was marked as the answer   
    #YUI's change on refresh. Just add a CODE block to the ADDITIONAL DETAILS section of the product and only add
    .product-price { display: none; }  
  5. Vigasan's post in People Section Title Line Spacing was marked as the answer   
    For custom CSS, you can try the following code:
    [data-section-id="65327c9656ab0f0bd618df3a"] .list-section-title p{ line-height: 1em !important; }  
  6. Vigasan's post in Custom Portfolio Grid Layout Per Row was marked as the answer   
    Add this to CUSTOM CSS. The nth-child(1) and nth-child(2) tells the code to make the 1st and 2nd items 50% width, so if you want other items to also be that width, just continue adding numbers as needed. The code is also set to only work on desktop/tablet and exclude mobile so it'll default to the 1 item per column on mobile.
    /* Edit 1st and 2nd item to take up half the width each */ @media screen and (min-width: 768px){ [data-section-id="62bcca449ab7dc3cf5f03996"] { .portfolio-grid-overlay { grid-template-columns: repeat(6, 2fr) !important; } .portfolio-grid-overlay .grid-item{ grid-column: span 2 !important; } .portfolio-grid-overlay .grid-item:nth-child(1), .portfolio-grid-overlay .grid-item:nth-child(2){ grid-column: span 3 !important; } } }  
  7. Vigasan's post in CSS heading font shows as italic without related code? was marked as the answer   
    When I undo the font, it isn't italicized anymore. Do you have Playfair Display selected as the font for something on your Squarespace website? If you aren't using that font anywhere else, Squarespace won't load it onto your website and you have to load it manually within the CSS section.
  8. Vigasan's post in formatting width of content in tablet view was marked as the answer   
    I personally wouldn't use spacers, you can use CSS to set a max width on your content instead. You can use the following code in DESIGN > CUSTOM CSS to apply to all pages, or wrap it with <style> before and </style> after and put in in specific page headers.
    .site-page{ max-width: 1200px; } You could also use CSS to hide spacers on tablet but then you'll have to target the .sqs-col-8 and make it 100% width as well.
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