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Community Answers

  1. Vigasan's post in CSS heading font shows as italic without related code? was marked as the answer   
    When I undo the font, it isn't italicized anymore. Do you have Playfair Display selected as the font for something on your Squarespace website? If you aren't using that font anywhere else, Squarespace won't load it onto your website and you have to load it manually within the CSS section.
  2. Vigasan's post in formatting width of content in tablet view was marked as the answer   
    I personally wouldn't use spacers, you can use CSS to set a max width on your content instead. You can use the following code in DESIGN > CUSTOM CSS to apply to all pages, or wrap it with <style> before and </style> after and put in in specific page headers.
    .site-page{ max-width: 1200px; } You could also use CSS to hide spacers on tablet but then you'll have to target the .sqs-col-8 and make it 100% width as well.
  3. Vigasan's post in Hover CSS to Crew Page was marked as the answer   
    The code in that post is meant to be used in a CODE block. So upload the images you want to a gallery in the NOT LINKED section, then right click each image to get the URL for it, then use that URL in the code.
    <img src="COVER_IMAGE" onmouseover="this.src='OTHER_IMAGE'" onmouseout="this.src='COVER_IMAGE'"> The above code goes into a CODE block on a page.
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