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  1. Hey Maddie! I focus mainly on HTML, CSS, and some JavaScript/jQuery. I started coding in my final 2 years of high school, and loved it, so I persued a Computer Science + Software Engineering degree for my undergrad. When I graduated University is when I officially started my business 🙂 In terms of services, we offer website design on various platforms (although Squarespace accounts for 90-95% of our websites).
  2. Here’s a plugin that will automatically create a table of contents for pages and blog posts based on headings. You can add the code only on pages that you want it to work on. It’s a great addition to make a longer blog post easier to read and navigate. https://www.pluginsforsquare.com/plugins/automatic-table-of-contents
  3. Do you want to have your blog thumbnails used as a banner image on the individual blog post page? Here’s how you can have it done automatically for each blog post. The banner is full bleed by default but can be modified to be constraint-width as well. https://www.pluginsforsquare.com/plugins/blog-thumbnail-as-banner
  4. Do you have a link to the website that I can take a look at?
  5. Make sure you have it wrapped in <style> before the css and </style> after the CSS.
  6. It's a bug, use this code to hide it for now until Squarespace fixes it. Add to DESIGN > CUSTOM CSS: .form-wrapper .field-list legend{ display: none; }
  7. Classes don't have spaces. "folder-collection folder" means it has two classes. You can target either ".folder-collection" or ".folder".
  8. Since your template doesn't have clicks on the folder name by default, you have to do it manually by using JQuery to wrap your folder name in <a> tags, and then setting the default <a> take to pointer-events: none so that only your manual tags can be clicked.
  9. Unfortunately since this would require a little more work, it may be easier for you to do a booking via the link in my signature. The steps are as follows if you want to try it out yourself though. Add the button into a code block in your footer Use Javascript .appendTo function to move the button after the last menu item Use CSS to style it as needed so it looks in line with the rest of the content.
  10. Hey Nicole, is my code currently entered into the website still? If not, could you put it back in and let me know when it's in?
  11. No I actually wasn't a student there, I was just hired to work out some of the bugs with the dschool website 🙂
  12. Ah that's definitely the case then. Do you have a link to the website so I can see if there's anything I can do in terms of coding?
  13. Use this in DESIGN > CUSTOM CSS. #collection-5e14ae8ae375184c7b011c19 .date{ display: none;} It looks like you have two different pages: https://devbio.stanford.edu/david-hogness-memoriam-guestbook (what you're looking at) https://devbio.stanford.edu/david-hogness-memoriam-guestbook/2020/1/7/guestbook (What you commented above and we're looking at)
  14. Can you take a screenshot of where you're seeing it?
  15. I also don't see the date anymore. But you can try modifying the code slightly to this. P.S. I worked on the dschool portion of your school website! The original developers did an amazing job making that website out of Squarespace (https://dschool.stanford.edu/) <style> .collection-type-blog.view-item span.date { display: none !important; } </style>
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