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  1. Site URL: https://atlschoolofphoto.com/ I'm wondering if anyone has experience creating a Member Area with videos. I'm interested in creating a Member Area for my students to have exclusive access to Zoom recordings of virtual workshops. The videos are already uploaded to Vimeo. When I create a Member Area page, I can add these videos from Vimeo. My problem (logically speaking) is when I upload the videos to Squarespace in the Member Area, should the videos be password protected? Should they be public? If they're password protected, this is just another step our students would need to take to see the videos. If they're public, what's the point in having a paid Members Area, when they could just view them for free on our Vimeo page? Anyone find a good solution? Thanks in advance!
  2. Hi Paul - Our students have often said that they enjoy our website and ease of use. If you visit the link at the top, I think you'll find that we give many options for our students to easily register for many classes, workshops and private sessions. They usually abandon a purchase because of timing or if the class is full. This is why waitlists are key to our operations. On some of them, they can request a time that works best, a location they prefer, etc. And I'm sure you didn't intend for it to come off this way, but your response does read was condescending and dismissive. I am asking for a particular solution to waitlists because I have an understanding of my student's "booking journey". Please trust that with all the information I've provided that I am looking for an answer to my stated question because I have full comprehension of other factors at my business.
  3. Site URL: https://atlschoolofphoto.com/ Hello, I apologize for the long question, but requires some explanation about how our business is run and the problems we've been facing. We've recently run into some issues and are trying to find creative ways to correct them. I run a photography school, and a part of our website that our students have found helpful is waitlists. Originally, for each class(Product) I had inserted a Form Block at in the "Additional Info" that would connect to a Google Sheet. This has caused us many issues over the years, and I receive at least one "Unsaved block submission" email a day, sometimes as many as 10. My staff and I would have to manually enter the name and email address to the Google Sheet. Then, I was excited to find that Squarespace added Waitlists. We however ran into a few issues there. The waitlists could not be turned on if there was still inventory, so students who may want alerts to the upcoming classes would still have to submit their waitlist notification request through our previous method with the form block. At this point, we have waitlists through Squarespace and through Google Drive. The main issue I ran into recently was that the waitlists were for specific SKUs, not the product as a whole. So, our students were signing up for waitlists for specific days and times of a class. When I would go into the product to delete the SKU (because the class had started or been completed), this would delete all the waitlists sign ups as well. We came to the conclusion that the Squarespace waitlists may not be the best solution for us. So, to consolidate everything, I started to build Mailing Lists as waitlists. Our students could easily sign up for the mailing list for each class and we could notify them once the class returned. However, today, upon building those waitlists, I ran into the limit of 20 mailing lists. I'm looking for creative solutions and any advice anyone might have, thank you in advance!
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