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  1. Site URL: https://southcentralcasa.squarespace.com *Temp. site password is "1234", but it's not really necessary. So, I've been searching and searching and surprisingly, cannot find anything about this anywhere. What I need to do is add a page to this site where site visitors/clients can write reviews/testimonials, but they need to be reviewed by staff before they go live. Does anyone know if this is a possibility or if there's a way to integrate a 3rd party system to pull this off? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  2. Thank you, Wags. I believe I'm okay with the solution I have for now, but thanks!
  3. Thank you, haydenmaunsell. Unfortunately, this will not work for me, because they accept orders from anywhere in the U.S. However, I believe we're okay now. I ended up just using two rates calculated by weight. This should work, at least for now.
  4. Thanks for the tips! I was not notified that anyone replied, so just seeing these messages.
  5. I'm attempting to figure out the same thing, but it looks like no one has replied yet. 😬
  6. Site URL: https://appletreechocolate.com This has probably been well covered by now, so my apologies, but I'm in a bind with a client and do not have the time to sit and sift through thousands of forum posts to attempt to find what I'm looking for. We are at risk now of losing this client now because I don't know how to fix this. Long story short, we originally had free local pick-up for orders, as well as various calculated shipping fees, dependent on location. I cannot for the life of me figure out how to accomplish this. The client had me completely remove shipping as an option from
  7. Well, I ended up using a workaround to force the bar to go full width like another I had on the site already, but that makes editing the code block tricky. Thanks for asking! I'd forgotten I even posted this.
  8. Hello all, I seem to have caused an issue with the footer on one of my sites. The strange thing is that it only occurs with the home page, and not the other site pages. I have inserted some custom code for various different things, but I cannot figure out what might be causing this issue. The website is universalmobilehomes.com. It uses the Five template. I have dug and dug and just can't find the offender! Anyone have any ideas? The footer should be full width, and like I mentioned, it is on every other page but the home page. Thanks in advance for any help!
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