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  1. @tuanphanthank you for your response. Here's the page http://houstonpaints.squarespace.com/home PW: 1234
  2. So this is my first time creating a website with 7.1. Not happy about it but willing to adjust and learn. One of the main issues I've run into is the feature of Index Pages not being available. From what I've read, the Portfolio page is the way to create an index page in 7.1. Just when I thought I was finished designing the framework of this page, I realized I have to have project pages created that will then show up at the bottom of the page. If I do not create project pages, a huge white space will exist before the footer. My first hack attempt was to create a contact section with
  3. Hey @paulscurrah @12thkey @mrfix3 @angkorgolf , This article really helps! https://www.marksmen.studio/blog/fix-issues-squarespace-schema-markup
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