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  1. I don't know if this is right or wrong, but I managed to adjust the height of the header with this code: header#header { max-height: 110px; }
  2. Hi @tuanphan, I will send you a PM, I'm shy about sharing my URL. I was also wondering if the vertical space of the fixed site title "banner" can be adjusted so the "banner" is thinner.
  3. Jasper theme. I would like to get the height of the index intro text block to match match the height of an index item. Simply put, I'd like the intro text block to "pretend" like it's an (un-clickable) index item so it looks proportionately consistent with the rest of the page. TIA!
  4. Hi @katarina88! Thanks very much for your suggestion. I don't have collections, only pages. And I just haven't been able to find anything related to categories or tags anywhere! It looks like those are only available to collections. 😕 When I created a Collection and went to its Settings, I do see tags and categories under Advaced as you mentioned.
  5. Hi everyone. I thought this would be simple but search has turned up nothing. According to Squarespace, Japser is of the York template family, which ought to have Categories and Tags. 1) I don't see them in Jasper's settings. 2) I'd like to use categories or tag, and have them appear as a second line in a smaller type size, under an item's title on the index page. Is that possible? Thanks in advance!
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