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  1. Hello, I have an image of an elephant that I'd like to be my full-bleed homepage. I'd like different parts of the image to link to different pages--so that clicking on the trunk, for instance, will take visitors to a page about elephant trunks. 1) Is this possible in 7.0 or 7.1? 2) Will it look the same on mobile? 3) Are there online examples of this, whether using Squarespace or not? Thank you!
  2. Thanks so much, Tara. I was going by this page, which said that videos have to be on SoundCloud to play automatically: https://support.squarespace.com/hc/en-us/articles/207114487-Adding-music-to-your-site But I gather that with the audio plugin I don't need SoundCloud at all. Much appreciated!
  3. Hello, I'd like to create a landing page in 7.1 with a full-bleed looping video, and sound. I have the .mp4 video, and the audio file is on SoundCloud. Is it possible to have the looping video and the music both play automatically as soon as the visitor loads the page? Could someone tell me the process step by step? Also, is it possible to do this without SoundCloud, but with an .MP3 file? Finally, is it easier to do in Squarespace 7.0? Many thanks!
  4. Hello,I've pasted a long essay (with footnotes) on a single page in the Miller template. I’m anchor-linking the 25 footnote numbers to the corresponding footnotes at the bottom of the page. So far so good, BUT I'd like for readers to be able to click the number of the bottom-page footnote to return them to the original footnoted text. Is it possible to create a two-way anchor link (as with the red hyperlinked Kindle footnotes in the attached image)? Thank you!
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