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  1. That didn't work. It just writes the text at the top of the page.
  2. Site URL: https://rituelstudio.squarespace.com/manualtherapy I would like to place a vertical line to divide the page left to right - the same as I put the horizontal line dividing top to bottom. Is there a way to add this using CSS? On my page, it would divide the section Pilates from Gyrotonic. Hope it makes sense. Thanks!! https://rituelstudio.squarespace.com/manualtherapy
  3. In the site I am building: www.lovekatemadsen.com/home The footer tabs are not linking to the index - they are reverting to the first page on the index - and this removes the background image on the page. How do I fix this, so the footer behaves the same as primary and secondary menu, so I can use index?
  4. Thank you, tuanphan. Well, this is just an example. I have figured out an alternative (see below the card on the page - the second section), but I would still like to know if there is a way to change for other sites. This is just a practice image and text. But I want to change the text format to the same as the one below - to have it aligned left and with the same font styles. Is there a way to do this? www.lovekatemadsen.com/home-2-1
  5. Is there a way to change the font style on Photo Cards and also Photo titles? I seems it might require css. I am using the simple 'Sofia' template for this website. But i have noticed this with a few sites I am building. It's default is the Body font and does let me change it. Any help or suggestions - perhaps trying to enter via css. Thanks!!
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