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  1. Thank you! @paul2009, do you have an expected release date on this? Just a ballpark estimate would be great, if possible.
  2. Hi @creedon - That's unfortunate, but thank you very much for your time on that.
  3. Do cars exploding upon impact after driving off a cliff make a sound if no one at Squarespace is around to hear them? This metaphorical/philosophical conundrum stands at the heart of the problem here. Bear with me, if you will... I've had an ongoing dialog with Squarespace support about this issue. They liken the removal of pagination to road construction - sometimes disruption happens in order to improve the system. That's all well and good, but road construction generally leaves behind a new road when completed. Squarespace's approach to road construction here is like tearing out a bridge, walking away, and patting themselves on the back for a job well done. Meanwhile cars are driving off a cliff into a dark abyss and exploding on impact. I had put months of work into building a new 7.1 site and spent a bundle on design work from a professional graphic designer. The removal of pagination instantly put me out of business. How? I'm a professional artist/photographer who sells work online. I'm dependent on viewers being able to move from one photograph to the next within a portfolio while having that portfolio integrated into a commerce engine. The removal of pagination instantly made each photograph a dead end road (to keep the road work analogy going). I suspect I'm not the only artist or craftsperson who wants to sell their work AND have viewers be able to move between items for sale. The 7.1 platform now offers the option of either selling your work OR showing work as part of a portfolio (via a Gallery or Portfolio) but not both. Pagination allowed both at once. This is a serious downgrade. In terms of when pagination might be added back to 7.1, I was given a timeline that can only be described as "maybe to never." How am I supposed to plan around that? If this doesn't bother you, consider this in the broader framework... Squarespace has shown that they can and will remove critical functionality without prior feedback or warning. In an instant, you can be functionally out of business without recourse. In this case, pagination had been part of the commerce system for literally years in the 7.0 system and was carried straight through to 7.1. There was no reason to expect this functionality to be removed. Squarespace sold me on moving from my old 7.0 site to building a new 7.1 site based in part on pagination as core functionality of the 7.1 commerce engine. If the idea of being put functionally out of business overnight troubles you, please create a support incident with Squarespace and raise the issue. You can cut and paste what I've written here if it makes it easier. Only if enough people complain will they pay attention. I'm fighting this battle and losing. I just had to resurrect my old expired 7.0 site just to have this functionality again. I now have to start all over again. Please help Squarespace hear the cars exploding at the bottom of the canyon.
  4. Hi @creedon - Thank you. Sorry, I should have clarified that. Is it possible to use CSS code to set that per Store in the Store Settings > Advanced > Page Header Code Injection as you did in 7.1 but instead in the 7.0 Brine template family? Thanks!
  5. Hi @creedon, Do you know how to change the store product grid column number in the 7.0 Brine template instead of the 7.1 platform? Thanks!
  6. I'm working within the 7.1 system, and here is a way to hide the product selection drop down menu (such as for "Select Size"), the quantity selection box, and the Add to Cart button on an individual product level basis. This way you can hide these elements on products within a given store page without having to use a blanket approach that affects more than specific products. We'll do this by creating a tag called "hideorder" and tagging any product with this tag name for which we want to hide all of these ordering options. So to start, take a single product and create a tag called "hideorder." To learn more about tags, see: https://support.squarespace.com/hc/en-us/articles/205814438) Next, add this code to your site's Custom CSS: /* ----------------- ultra-fresh "ORDER INTERFACE Be-Gone" ----------------- / /* add "hideorder" tag to any page to remove dropdown, quantity, and order button */ /* remove select size dropdown */ article .tag-hideorder .variant-option { display: none; } /* remove quantity dropdown */ article .tag-hideorder .product-quantity-input { display: none; } /* remove order button */ article .tag-hideorder .sqs-add-to-cart-button-wrapper { display: none; } That should do it. Seems to work nicely. Also, you can adjust the code by deleting lines if you want parts of the product ordering system to appear but not others (for whatever reason). Or of course you could create additional tag names with different attributes built off this code. I hope this makes sense. Good luck!
  7. One (admittedly less than ideal) way of handling this is to create png files in the aspect ratio you've set and then save the file with a transparent background. For example, if you have the aspect ratio set at 4:3, create a blank image in Photoshop with no background at that ratio – so, say, 1500x1125px. Place your artwork image within those bounds so that it maxes out either the 1500 or 1125 dimension. Then save that as a png with a transparent background. Then upload that png file as your thumbnail. This way the images you're uploading are all technically 4:3, but to the viewer they will appear as if they're the ratio of the actual artwork.
  8. Try going to Design --> Buttons --> Padding. You can use the slider to make the button the same height as the others. To change the button font, go to your font settings and choose Buttons.
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