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  1. Site URL: https://www.thetoolsbook.com/membership Hello, I could use some advice on sizing for images in a gallery on an index page. A graphic designer is creating these great illustrations, but the words are getting cut off, especially in mobile. Are there dimensions I can provide her with so the words are legible everywhere? I've used the focal button, but that still doesn't do it. The link shows 3 different sizes we've tried. Template: Mercer SS version 7.0 Thanks, Jenn
  2. Hello, I have a new content producer and I'd like to give them a list of all the tags and categories we've used on the site (for both blog posts and products). I can't seem to find this anywhere. Is it possible? Thanks, Jenn
  3. Site URL: https://www.thetoolsbook.com/recordings/stop-overthinking-and-start-living Hello, I'm selling audio files - digital downloads of webinars. Sometimes there are handouts with the webinar. How can I also deliver the handout to the customer, in addition to the audio file? Thanks, Jenn
  4. Hello, I'm building a site using Bedford. I set the site header to transparent. And I removed the header image on blog pages as I didn't like the design. I used this code for that: /* don't show thumbnail as banner image behind blog post title (hard to read) */ .collection-type-blog .banner-thumbnail-wrapper {display: none !important;} .collection-type-blog .entry-title {display: block !important;} But now I can't see the site header or navigation on a blog post page b/c it's white and the background is transparent. Is there any way to set the background color for the site header for blog posts only (including all future posts)? Or to change the color of the logo and navigation for blog posts only? Thanks!
  5. Hello. I'm using the Five template: https://www.inhabityourself.com/journal When I click through to a blog post on desktop, the post has an image and a title that I typed into the edit field with the body of the post. On mobile, when I click through to a blog post the title displays above the image and is then duplicated from the title that's in with the body of the blog post. I assume the title at the top of the page is automatically displaying. Is there a way I can turn it off? I don't want the title above the photo. Thank you!
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